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Top 5 Internet Searches of 2017

June 9, 2017 L. Waters 3

This year has been, as CNN so aptly referenced, “Unprecedented.” Sports viewership has gone down as politics has surged to the forefront of all ratings indexes, and that trend can be seen clearly in the […]

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Trump Expands Travel ‘Ban’

February 3, 2017 L. Waters 3

After the highly controversial and rocky roll out of one of Trump’s most recent executive orders  – the travel ban that seems to focus predominantly on members of a certain religion – Donald is doubling […]

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Trump Releases 5 Step Plan for Building Wall

October 7, 2016 L. Waters 4

After months of speculation, deliberation, and procrastination Trump stuns his critics by releasing a concrete plan to complete the highly controversial wall. Head down to the local Home Depot or Lowes, respectively (no bias here) Hire […]

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Hillary Clinton’s Strange Addiction

October 7, 2016 L. Waters 8

The secret service recently encouraged Hillary Clinton to stop playing ‘Pokemon Go’ on government property after her recent email server snafu. Apparently, when campaigning across the country you have ample time to catch a wide […]

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Sarah Palin’s Speech Writer Revealed

October 6, 2016 L. Waters 2

Sarah Palin recently returned to the campaign trail to rile up support for the Republican juggernaught, Donald Trump,  best known for his hit cable show, “The Apprentice,” and his general lack of decency (edit: I […]

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Bernie Sanders Takes the Gloves Off

October 6, 2016 L. Waters 1

Bernie Sanders is as old school as they come, so it should come as no surprise that although running an overwhelming positive and issue based campaign he was still carrying around a little extra ammunition […]

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