Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize by Dr. Evil, citing race relations in U.S.

SEATTLE (Capitol Hill Underground) – Just months after tensions between white supremacist groups and the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement reached historic highs, President Trump has been nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize.

The nomination submitted by Dr. Evil, an angel investor of Virtucon Industries and world renown terrorist, praised Trump in his efforts to inflame race relations in the US and abroad.

“I mean come on, throw me a freaking bone here, I think it goes without saying that no president in recent history has done more to inflame race relations here in the (air quotes) United States,” Dr. Evil told Capitol Hill Underground in an exclusive interview.

Dr. Evil, in his nomination fax to the Nobel Committee, wrote the Trump administration played a key role in stoking the flames of not only white supremacist groups and militias but with BLM and ANTIFA as well. “When Trump said ‘very fine people on both sides’ in response to the violent protests that erupted in Charlottesville, VA back in 2017, I was like, now here is a president I can get behind,” Dr. Evil admitted. “That press conference was gold, pure goooooold.”

The Nobel Peace Prize recipient is determined by some sort of underground cabal and, almost always, follows no traditional rules of logic. The 2021 Nobel Peace Prize winner will be announced later this year.


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