Breaking: Pence cast as villain in new James Bond movie

HOLLYWOOD (Capitol Hill Underground) – Vice President Mike Pence impressed more than just his Republican allies Tuesday evening at the Vice Presidential debate. According to sources close to the VP, Pence has been offered a role in the next James Bond installment as the villain.

We asked the director of the upcoming film what he saw in Pence:

“Honestly, I couldn’t look away from the guy the entire debate. From his robotic, meandering voice to his blank, emotionless stare I was hooked. Not to mention his blood red eye – I mean come one, this is the stuff villains are made of. Once that fucking fly landed on his head, I was sold.”

The Pence team refused to comment on the offer but aides close to the Vice President have informed us they keep overhearing Pence saying, “shaken, not stirred” when he thinks nobody is near.

Will Mike Pence make the jump from politics to the big screen?


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