Trump surpasses 260 rounds of golf since taking office but no one is asking the BIG question: Is he getting any better?

MAR-A-LAGO (Capitol Hill Underground) – There is no question President Trump has golfed more than any president in US history since Woodrow Wilson and Dwight D Eisenhower. According to Trump Golf Count, since inauguration the President has golfed 268 times and cost the taxpayers over 130 million dollars.

Now this price tag is nothing to sneeze at, but to be honest, I’m not even mad about the money or complete lack or respect for the American tax payer. What keeps me up at night is one simple question: Is he getting any better?

What the hell is his handicap? Are we talking PGA level or is he more on par with my buddies stepdad Rick?

All I’m saying is that if he is golfing that often he better be whooping Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping’s ass up and down the fairway.

We caught up with one of Trumps long time friends and golf buddy, Shooter McGavin, who told us, “That guy spends more time in the sand than David Hasselhoff.”

Shooter McGavin at the 1996 Tour Championship

As Americans, we deserve better. We deserve the truth. We deserve to know the President’s handicap. #releaseyourhandicap

Want to follow along? The team over at Trump Golf Count have got you covered.


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