After years of public outrage, the ‘Washington Redskins’ change name to ‘Washington Rednecks’

WASHINGTON (Capitol Hill Underground) – After years of pressure, Daniel Snyder, the owner of the Washington Redskins, has finally caved. Snyder has remained adamant he will NEVER change the name of the team but with renewed public interest it seems he may have been backed into a corner.

Snyder, along with some of the teams most ardent supporters, have long said, “the name isn’t offensive to anyone.” Meanwhile, Native Americans have replied, “Yes, yes it is. We are the ones you’re offending.” To which, defenders of the team name replied, “FAKE NEWS!”

On Wednesday morning, a frazzled and beleaguered Snyder moseyed into a zoom conference call, wearing a matching pajama duo and chugging a Monster Energy drink. After tinkering with the computer for a minute, he finally got the audio to work. His remarks can be seen below:

“During this time of quarantine I’ve had ample time to do some soul searching… Plus, my daughter keeps calling me a heartless prick. That being said, I’ve decided that we will officially be changing the name of the team I love, The Washington Redskins, to…. drum roll please… The Washington Rednecks.”

Snyder proceeded to flip off the camera and slam it shut.

Fans of the team can buy their new team merchandise below:

Washington Rednecks T-shirt

FUN FACT: Daniel Snyder’s favorite movie? The Last of the Mohicans.


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