Some southern states secede from NASCAR – Form new auto racing league called ‘Traffic’

DAYTONA BEACH (Capitol Hill Underground) – NASCAR shocked fans earlier this week when they announced plans to ban the Confederate Flag from flying at any of their events. Nobody was more upset at this move than Ray Ciccarelli, a driver, whose tweet can be seen below:

NASCAR held nothing back when they completely eviscerated Ray and his ‘special flag’.

In a show of unity with Ray and their love of one of the greatest participation trophies of all time, some southern states have proposed seceding from NASCAR to form a league of their own aptly named, Traffic.

According to insiders, this is a working title for the league and in no way resembles what they think of the sport.


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  1. I say boycott Nascar,the NFL,and the NBA they are all.anti American they don’t honor our flag,out anthem our servicemen our police and our free speech. There is nothing wrong with the Confederate flag.

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