Joe Biden defends ‘The Police’ – “They’re one of my favorite bands.”

DELAWARE (Capitol Hill Underground) – Joe Biden, the presumed Democratic presidential candidate, missed the mark earlier this week when asked about the current state of affairs. With the increase in videos displaying police brutality, George Floyds death and the BLM protests happening across the globe you would be hard pressed not to be aware of the rising tensions between people and the police… Unless of course you’re Joe Biden.

When asked in a Zoom conference call where he stood on the “Defund the Police” movement, Smiling Joe held nothing back:

“Now wait just a minute buddy,” he yelled while struggling to make eye contact with the computer camera. “I’m not gonna sit here and let you smear the name of The Police. They deserve your respect. They’ve earned your respect. Roxanne? Every breath you take? Ever heard of them? You better take that back unless you want to step outside.”

According to unnamed individuals in the Zoom call, Biden’s tirade lasted about seven minutes. Unfortunately, he accidentally muted himself a minute into it and the rest of the tirade has been lost to the ether.


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