Senator Mark Warner fires aide over tuna melt debacle

VIRGINIA (Capitol Hill Underground) – Virginia Senator Mark Warner broke the internet last week after uploading his now infamous ‘Tuna Melt Recipe’. I guess it’s true what they say – ‘In times of quarantine, online blunders reign supreme’ – and this blunder did not disappoint.

It’s safe to say this “how to” video was a big swing and a miss – from not draining the tuna juice to man handling the loaves of bread like they owed him money the Senator held nothing back… and by nothing, we obviously mean, the inordinate amount of mayo he slathered on that bad boy.

AND, can we just talk about the video quality of this little gem? Homie looks like he filmed this sucker on a Nokia which we all know are only good for playing snake and sending sexts.

Warner was overheard yelling at the aide who suggested the tuna video: “Not draining the tuna?!? What was I thinking? Great idea Toby! You idiot. There is truly no recovering from this.”

For those of you who missed the recipe – watch it for yourselves below:

Our only advice… Do NOT try this at home.

All joking aside, I think I’m going to buy that microwave, The MVP 5 – shit looks tight.


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