The New York Times goes polyamorous, endorses two candidates – angering all THREE of their subscribers

NEW YORK (Capitol Hill Underground) – In a time of wishy washy politics the New York Times editorial board followed suit by endorsing both Elizabeth Warren, the progressive matriarch of Massachusetts and Amy Klobuchar, everyones favorite moderate step-mother. The Times editorial board seems to have missed the point of an endorsement altogether, causing more confusion than clarity.

In defense of the Times, they did manage to successfully bash each democratic candidate in one way or another. Whether that was accidental or not has yet to be seen.

Between this ‘endorsement’ and Hillary Clinton’s long awaited ‘hit piece’ about to drop – some people are wondering if the two are in cahoots… and by some people, we obviously mean, no one really. But could you imagine if they were?

We caught up with one of the last remaining loyal subscribers of the Times and asked them how they felt about this endorsement – their answer was eye opening to say the least. See it below:

“I’m still subscribed to the New York Times? I tried canceling that months ago. Are you sure? Damn. Thanks for the heads up.” – anonymous


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