Trump names Tywin Lannister as Acting Secretary of Homeland Security

Trump doubled down on ‘nationalism’ Monday morning naming Tywin Lannister as Acting Secretary of Homeland Security. For those of you not familiar, Tywin Lannister’s resume is chock-full of prestigious titles including: Lord of Castelry Rock, Lord of Harrenhal, Warden of the West and Hand of the King to name a few.

Kevin McAleenan’s decision to step down as Acting Secretary of Homeland Security came as a shock to some, but in actuality, was just par for the course under the current administration. McAleenan was the fourth person to head the department under the Trump administration so it’s safe to say the next runner up will be walking on egg shells for the foreseeable future. Trump goes through heads of Homelands almost as quick as he goes through wives… or attorneys for that matter.

Trump defended his decision to name Lannister in true Trump fashion, “That guy shits gold, it’s incredible, almost as incredible as my decision to hire him.”

It will be interesting to see if these two work well together because they have such philosophical differences – on the one hand, ‘A Lannister always pay their debts’ and on the other hand, as we all know, Trump never does.


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