The Biopic Nobody Asked for is Happening: Dana Carvey set to play Mitch McConnell

HOLLYWOOD (Capitol Hill Underground) – The partial government shutdown certainly hasn’t slowed Mitch McConnell down. In fact, the Senate Majority Leader just got some exciting news out of the Republicans favorite state to hate, California. According to a press release obtained by TMZ, Dana Carvey has agreed to play the Congressman in his upcoming boipic. You may remember Dana Carvey from his SNL days where he portrayed George H.W. Bush regularly.

For a refresher on his work check out the video below from CBS:

The pair have been pretty tight lipped about the project up until now. The two were spotted at a Sizzler early last week sharing a plate at the salad bar.

When asked what about the role most excites him, Carvey responded, “I’m looking forward to diving into the hypocrisy. Pretending to be a God fearing man and having morals while simultaneously shitting on everything the gospel and the Republican party of old stands for. It’s going to be a real challenge.”

Will this movie be Dana Carvey’s return to stardom or will it reveal a side of Mitch McConnell nobody ever wanted to see? Find out in theaters this summer.


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