LEAKED: DNC Accidentally Targeted Republican Voters in 2018 ‘Get out the vote’ Campaign

Washington (Capitol Hill Underground) — The DNC offices are in utter disarray as they attempt to pin point who is responsible for the leak of their most recent mess. That being, of course, their 2018 ‘Get Out the Vote’ campaign strategy.

On Monday, Breitbart released documents obtained from an anonymous source within the DNC which outline in detail, their 2018 ‘Get out the vote’ campaign. The only problem? The targeted facebook ads they purchased leading up to the midterms targeted 18-35 year old Republican voters in swing states… not Democratic voters.

How much did the DNC end up spending on Facebook ads? The final numbers have not come out, but some economist have argued it could be the equivalent of up to thirteen hard boiled eggs.

This latest snafu by the DNC may be their most embarrassing to date right up their with Debbie Wassserman Schultz’s gut punch back in 2016.

Is this most recent leak a sign of a deeper conspiracy or just good old fashioned incompetence? Only time will tell.

When asked about the mistake, DNC Chair Tom Perez took full credit for the ruse – “We decided to pull an oldie but goodie out of our playbook, hoping reverse psychology would trick the Republican voters into voting blue. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to work this time around.”

When asked whether the DNC would try this tactic again come 2020 Perez responded, “It’s too early to tell at the moment, but don’t you worry, we’ve still got plenty of tricks up our sleeves.”

*Debbie Wasserman Schultz could not be reached for comment, allegedly on vacation in Sandals, Jamaica with the manager of a mid-range paper supply company based in Scranton, PA.



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