SHOCKING NEW POLL: A majority of Trump supporters would not press charges if they walked in on Trump diddling their family members

WASHINGTON (Capitol Hill Underground) — Most Americans would agree that #TrumpLoyalists and #NeverTrumpers are at a complete standstill – locked in their views and hunkered down in the bunkers of their political dogma playing Uno with their compatriots.

On one hand, Trump’s base accuse their ‘enemies’ across the aisle of hating Trump so much that they won’t even give his policy and actions an honest glance.

On the other hand, Trump’s opponents believe that Trump’s most ardent supporters would defend literally any action the President makes and there is definitely a handful of evidence to support their beliefs.  They’ve given him a free pass on locker room talk, possible collusion with a hostile foreign adversary, paying an ex lover hush money, openly mocking a disabled reporter, shitting on the media, the list goes on.

A shocking new poll released over the weekend may provide the Democrats with some ammunition in defense of their claims.

POLL: A majority of Trump supporters and house Republicans would not press charges if they walked in on Trump diddling one of their family members.

*The participants for this poll were chosen at random, at a friend of mines basement, where attendees were encouraged to impersonate their most passionate Republican cohorts.


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