Top 5 Internet Searches of 2017

This year has been, as CNN so aptly referenced, “Unprecedented.” Sports viewership has gone down as politics has surged to the forefront of all ratings indexes, and that trend can be seen clearly in the internet searches ranked below. From a megalomaniac in the white house to a spurned former First Lady, our current political landscape seems to be a work of fiction. Alas, it is not… and the searches most of us undertook depict that incredulity.

5. What’s the deal with Bill Clinton?


This could be in reference to his role in the Hillary campaign, but according to ‘reddit’ users it actually has to do with his appearance. There is a popular theory floating through the ether that he actually sold his soul to the devil. Seems a bit blasphemous for my taste, but you be the judge.

4. Is Ben Carson Really a Neurosurgeon?


Despite seemingly all evidence to the contrary, this is, in fact, true. We understand the publics reticence to believe it after watching him flounder through all the debates and any interview he unwittingly agreed to. That being said, his glassy eyed stare is the last thing I want to see before being put under on the operating table.

3. How Old is Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders

Apparently, more than just the progressives were worried about this “Democratic Socialists” age and vitality. A video surfaced of Mr. Sanders running for a train which I thought would have put this misconception to bed because he seemed spry as hell, but that short burst of speed did little to bolster his ratings. Did his age really do Bernie in? Eh, probably not… The DNC didn’t need any help in that department.

2. Is Mike Pence gay?

Mike Pence

Despite the vice presidents favorite tag line, “Im a Christian,  a conservative, and a Republican, in that order,” apparently the general populace isn’t convinced. Rumors continue to swirl around Trump’s “right hand man.” Perhaps that is why he is taking such a firm stance on marriage equality and LGBT rights in general– there is no way to tell… Unless of course you stumble across him on ‘Grindr.’

1. Is Donald Trump Really President?

Donald Trump

It seems that democrats, liberals, and sane people in general are still  unsure whether what they witnessed was just a bad dream or if, in fact, Donald J. Trump is now the leader of the free world. We know it seems impossible that a man who bragged about “grabbing pussy” and the proud creator of numerous bankruptcies could ascend to the highest office in the land, but hey, if it teaches us anything it is this– Anything. Is. Possible. Literally anything. Like seriously, anything. I mean, geez.





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