Breaking: Hollywood Announces “Dunston Checks In” Reboot

Sequels are here and they are here to stay people. Despite little to no public outcry for a sequel to this stand-alone comedy, starring Hollywood juggernauts Jason Alexander and Faye Dunaway, Twentieth Century Fox is leading the charge for a reboot.

Sources close to the project have leaked that although the antics and plot will remain true to the original screenplay, the players and locations are sure to get a facelift. Who is to play the fun loving and hilarious orangutan that won Americans heart over back in 1996? None other than the presidential hopeful, Donald Trump.

Apparently, this film will center around an often misbehaving orangutanesque character causing mischief around the White House. Presumed antics we might expect to see: Donald forcing his “grooming” techniques on any and all white house female staffers; Donald attempting to build a wall of bananas inside the oval office; and Donald making offensive statements against primate groups other than his own.

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue better call Animal Control because little Donny is coming to town.


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